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Non-Traditional Instruction, Staff Websites & Course Management

What is Non-Traditional Instruction?

In response to the large number of snow and emergency days in recent years, Harlan County was granted a Non-Traditional Day waiver. This very detailed plan outlines how instruction will be delivered for ALL students during a day when school is not open due to unforeseen circumstances. The plan gives teachers the opportunity to refine their online presence for content delivery and provides hard copy content for those students that may not have access to technology or network resources. The planned result is less loss in instruction time and increased ability to learn new content when school is back in session.  


- NTI Letter to Families/Information Sheet
- NTI Frequently Asked Questions


Both digital and hard-copy content will be available for students on Non-Traditional School Days.



Teachers are providing opportunities for students to access content digitally and via hard-copy lessons.



Harlan County will utilize days that are not deemed to be extremely hazardous giving staff the option to come into work if they have the need or desire. NTI days will be called at the discretion of the Superintendent and keep in mind that not every day school is cancelled will be declared an NTI day.    


Instructions for accessing digital content will be provided throughout the school year and displayed below. Hard-copy packets will be sent home before the first NTI day is called.


A One-Call will be made to all students and staff announcing Non-Traditional School Days.



Teachers are required to maintain a minimum of an online presence from the hours of 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM and 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM. Parents or students can also call the school and leave a message with the principal.



Students will be required to complete all tasks assigned during a non-instructional day. Extended time will be available for those circumstances whereby the work could not be completed due to extenuating circumstances (i.e., loss of power, lost packet).



Contact your child’s teacher or school principal. You can also contact:

Brett Johnson, Director of Pupil Personnel

District Office: 606.573.4330

Non-Traditional Instruction Packets

The documents below will open using Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free download if it is not already loaded onto your pc. Please complete all work and have it ready to turn in when school is back in session. If you have questions or need assistance, please e-mail your instructor (below) who will be available from the hours of 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM and 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM. Parents or students can also call the school and leave a message with the principal if needed.

We recommend that you hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh each .pdf document you view. This will ensure that you are viewing the most current content.

Kindergarten   5th Grade    
NTI Days 1-5 NTI Days 6-10 NTI Days 1-5 NTI Days 6-10  

* Updated 10/17/18

* Updated 10/17/18

1st Grade   6th Grade    
NTI Days 1-5 NTI Days 6-10 NTI Days 1-5 NTI Days 6-10  

* Updated 10/17/18

* Updated 3/5/19

2nd Grade   7th Grade    
NTI Days 1-5 NTI Days 6-10 NTI Days 1-5 NTI Days 6-10  

* Updated 10/23/18

* Updated 10/23/18

3rd Grade   8th Grade    
NTI Days 1-5 NTI Days 6-10 NTI Days 1-5 NTI Days 6-10  

* Updated 10/25/18

* Updated 10/23/18

4th Grade   Speech and Language Services  
NTI Days 1-5 NTI Days 6-10 NTI Packet    

* Updated 10/25/18




Staff Websites & Course Management

Many of the staff within the Harlan County Public School District have chosen to go beyond the basic requirements of Blended Learning/Non-Traditional Instruction and develop their own classroom websites and/or use another platform like Coursesites or Google Classroom to increase communication opportunities with parents and streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students.   Coursesites:
- Quick Start Guide - Instructors
- Export & Import a Course

We want to make you aware that CourseSites has developed a new platform and to continue to use Coursesites, our staff and students were required to develop new accounts prior to December 31, 2018. With that being said, we want to provide you with the option to use the Coursesites platform or not. If you would like to continue using it, the links above and to the right will help you quickly setup your new account and also provide instructions for exporting and importing your existing courses. A Student Enrollment guide will be added soon.

If you need to change, add or remove a link beside of your name please e-mail Mr. Scott Pace ( For the staff at HC that will not be using Coursesites, please provide a .pdf document containing your NTI assignments for students to access.

The following links are provided as a resource for staff, students and parents alike. Every attempt is made to ensure that all content is accurate and kept up-to-date, but is subject to change without notice.

Black Mountain | Cawood | Cumberland | Evarts | Green Hills | Harlan County High | James A. Cawood | Rosspoint | Wallins


Black Mountain Elementary

Bonnie Lefevers, Principal
Telephone: (606) 837-2214

Blevins, Crystal
Campbell, Kelly
Clem, Joene
Clem, Wendy
Crider, Patricia
Edens, Gregory
Grigsby, Mollie
Gross, Sharon
Hughes, Kenneth
Kelly, Stacie
Lawson, April
Lester, Kristin
Mattern, Rene -
Neely Melora
Nolan, Brittany
Nolan, Glenda
Redelinghuys, Lizelle
Shoemaker, Mary
Smith, Kimberly
Snelling, Teresa
Todd, Amy
White, Linda
Wilder, Donna

Cawood Elementary

Melinda Sergent, Principal
Telephone: (606) 573-2502

Britton, Priscilla
Britton, Donald
Caldwell, Cheryl
Caldwell, Randall
Chamberlain, Kaitlin
Collins, Crystal
Doyle, Joshua
Farley Lisenbee, Tanda
Fletcher, Casey
Floyd, Karin
Hensley, Jacqueline
Howard, Elizabeth
Landis, Belinda
Napier, Marilyn
Ramsey, Sheba
Ramsey, Jeffery
Soublo, Lisa
Stephens, Teddy
Vanover, Jimmie
White, Amy -

Cumberland Elementary

Sheila Hall, Principal
Telephone: (606) 589-2511

Bailey, Brian
Bailey, Minnie
Bingham, Kara
Bledsoe, Lonna
Brashears, Tammy
Caldwell, Cheston
Caldwell, Tiffany
Carruba, Anthony
Carruba, Megan
Caudill, Patricia
Clay, Priscilla
Cope, Sandra
Creech, Deborah
Creech, Whitney
Creech, Ashley
Dunaway, Stephanie
Early, Kelli
Edwards, Jennifer
Eldridge, Loreyn
Hatfield, Bethany
Jenkins, Terri -
McCarthy, Kerri
North, Annie
Quillen, Melissa
Rezek, Curtis
Saylor, Megan
Sergent, Ernestine
Sherman, Stephanie
Stewart, Tammy -
Sumpter, Jason
Sumpter, Lorie
Welch, Jessica
Wilson, Tiffany

Evarts Elementary

Sherry Anglian, Principal
Telephone: (606) 837-2386

Anglian, Rebekah
Begley, Jolee
Blair, Amanda
Bolin, Beth
Cornett, Debra
Farmer, Rhonda
Fields, Tammy
Freeman, Carolyn
Galloway, Heather
Hayes, Susan
Hensley, Heather
Huff, Rachel -
James, Jean
Jones, Bridgett
Lewis, Gregory
Middleton, Jessica
Middleton, Johnny
Noe, Joy
Nolan, Zachary
Osborne, Patti -
Osborne, Terry
Pendergrass, Keith
Perkins, Katherine
Perkins, Trisha
Roy, Teresa
Saylor, Sherry
Watts, Devin
Williams, Katlyn
Williams, Ronnie

Green Hills Elementary

Jonathan Perkins, Principal
Telephone: (606) 558-3533

Ashley, Lisa
Caldwell, Jessica
Cantrell, Nancy
Carroll, James
Farley, Bruce
Free, Erin
Howard, Andy
Howard, Charles
Lawson, Whitney
Miracle, Megan
Osborne, Brenda
Roberts, Bethany
White, Vicky

Harlan County High School

Edna Burkhart, Principal
Telephone: (606) 574-2020

Alred, Holly - Writing Lab
Alred, Whitney - English
Anama-Green, Claude C. - Spanish
Anama-Green, Emmanuel -, Enrollment 
Asbury, Lisa - Counselor
Baker, Ben - Study Island, NTI 1st Period, 2nd Period, 3rd Period, 4th Period
Barnes, Paul - Study Island;
Beach, Jennifer - English II Days 1-5, 6-10
Bell, Jeremy - Concert Band, Jazz Band
Blakley, Kevin - PE Days 1-10
Brock, Tami - English 101, English 102
Brown, Amanda - English Language Arts
Burkhart, Bucky - Algebra II, Quadratic Equations
Carroll, James - Gear Up
Carruba, Anna - Science A, Science B
Chamberlain, Drew - Integrated Social Studies
Creech, Eddie - Algebra
Cuellar, Ramon - Parent Letter, Chem. A, Chem. B, Dual Credit
Daniel, Steve - English Language Arts
Dempsey, Joseph - Greenhouse Technology
Diaz Faulkner, Christy - English Language Arts
Dixon, David - English Language Arts
Dunaway, Jay - Science
Evans, Robert - Microbiology/Environmental Science, Forensics
Farmer, Eugene - Integrated Social Studies, US History
Freyer, Jennifer - Drama/ Arts & Humanities
Green, Elgie - Digital Literacy
Hamblin, Patricia - Math Concepts
Hammons, Matt - Health
Hawkins, Rebecca - English Language Arts
Henson, John - Journalism
Hilton, Jennifer - NTI Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5
Hodge, Shawna - Music Theory NTI, Piano NTI, Music Theory Website
Howard, Kim - English
Jones, Michael - English Language Arts
Jurgens, Gayle - English IV
Lawson, Tina - NTI Lessons, NTI Psychology, NTI Dual Credit Psychology
Lawson, Mark - Algebra I
Lee, Jeanne - Choir
Lewis, Damon - Biology/Ecology
Lewis, John - Alternative Education
Lintelman, Sue - Art, PPT 1, PPT 2, PPT 3, PPT 4
Longworth, Greg - Algebra I ACT Review Days 1-5
Mackowiak, Kristie - English Language Arts
Maggard, Heather - Family and Consumer Science
Mcelyea, Tim - NTI Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8
Miller, Kristen - NTI Assignments
Morris, Stephen - World Civilizations
Noah, Dondi -, World Civilizations
Nolan, Anthony - English II Days 1-5, 6-10, Notes, Short Story
North, Kim - Digital Literacy
Pace, Scott - Web Development Enrollment, NTI Days 1-10, Computer Concepts,
Planning Document, HTML Intro., Scoring Rubric
Partin, Laronda - English Language Arts
Pate, Pat - Study Island
Reynolds, Courtney - Piano Lab
Reynolds, Jon - Political Science, US History
Reynolds, Stephanie - Counselor
Rich, Lindsey - Intro. to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Study Island
Sanders, Robin - Career Options, Math 150
Sawyers, Teresa - English Language Arts
Scott, Bill - Law and Justice
Smith, Stephanie - Study Island
Whitehead, Kim - NTI Chemisty Instruction Sheet, Study Island
Wireman, Jonathan - Digital Literacy

James A. Cawood Elementary

John Carter, Principal
Telephone: (606) 573-1950

Burton, Shelby
Clem, Ryan
Coldiron, Ashley
Collins, Thomas
Engle, Connie
Ely, Natasha
Ford, Jerry
Howard, Sarah
Hubbs, Gary
Johnson, Benjamin
Jones, Emily
Jones, Kyle
Karst, Jane
Lankford, Taylor
Lester, Casey
Lewis, Elizabeth
Martin, Whitley
Moore, Travis
Moore, Erica
Noe, Stacy
Phillips, Karen
Simpson, Karen
Tipton, Dianna
Vanover, Liza
Whitaker, Jacob
Wynn, Kimberly

Rosspoint Elementary

Bryan Howard, Principal
Telephone: 606-573-4600

Belcher, Vanessa
Blakley, Angela
Blanton, Wendolyn
Boggs, Hobert
Branson, Joy
Clem, Kathy
Clem, Jennifer
Cobb-Kelly, Terri
Daniels, Gayla
Fields, Melanie
Helton, Kelsey
Hickey, Ruth
Howard, Jack
Johnson, Christie
Kneen, Mary
Lawson, Christen -
Lewis, Heather
Lewis, Malissa
Lundy, Sandra
Mccreary, Stacey
Mchargue, Robert
Miller, Stacey
Napier, Debra
Napier, Ralph
Saylor, Jacob
Saylor, Needham
Simpson, Misty
Simpson, John
Yost, Rachel

Wallins Elementary

Stan Nicley, Principal
Telephone: (606) 664-3444

Bailey, Kimberly
Brock, Jennifer
Burkhart, Rachel
Burkhart, Stephanie
Carmical, Lyndsey
Cole, Lisa
Cottrell, Billy
Cottrell, Amy
Curry, Laura
Helton, Brittany
Hendrickson, Marcy
Hill, Misty
Howard, Janet
Howard, Jered
Howard, Viola
Ingram, Christina
Johnson, Carolyn
Lee, Penelope
Lee, Mary -
Roberts, Darlene
Roberts, Jeffrey
Roberts, Julie
Simpson, Robert
Slusher, John
Slusher, Clarissa
Spurlock, Tracy
Stephens, Karen
Stevens, Miranda
Tolliver, Megan
Wood, Diana
Wright, Gina